Bruggeman and O-I put Peterman, Smeets and Hertekamp even more firmly on the map

Bruggeman and O-I put Peterman, Smeets and Hertekamp even more firmly on the map

Schiedam - Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI), the world’s leading glass container manufacturer is working on the rebranding of three A-brands from Bruggeman, a distiller and distributor of spirits and the Belgian market leader in the genever segment. The three brands – Peterman, Smeets and Hertekamp – are true Belgian classics. With the repositioning of these brands and the introduction of new glass packaging, Bruggeman wants to appeal to younger consumers. 

Patrick Waegemakers, segment manager for beer, spirits and wine packaging for O-I Benelux: "The design of the bottles has been altered to express the specific characteristics and values of each brand. In line with current trends, they were given a cleaner, more premium design to make them stand out even more on shop shelves."

Genever has a pure, authentic flavour but is not yet popular enough among younger generations. To reach this target group even more effectively, Bruggeman analysed the values and characteristics of each brand, together with its long-term partner O-I. 

Grégory Maurissen, Brand Manager at Bruggeman: “O-I always delivers designs that fit perfectly with our expectations, values and production standards. Thanks to their expertise in designing and producing glass packaging and O-I’s extensive knowledge of the market, Peterman, Smeets and Hertekamp are now completely in tune with their envisaged target group."

Peterman tempts twenty-somethings with new flavours
O-I recently created a new design for the 0.7 l bottle of Peterman genever. This retro look with a modern edge is also being used for the six fruit genevers that are joining the range. Black Cherry Pepper, Bright Berries, Conic Cuberdon, Lucky Lemon, Mystic Mint, Spicy Lips and Vivid Violet are all available in 0.7 l. Thanks to their user-friendly design, they sit perfectly in the user's hand. With their striking colours and playful character they are primarily aimed at people in their twenties who want to discover the taste of genever. These flavours are also perfect cocktail ingredients.

Hertekamp, a cool brand for hip thirty-somethings
Bruggeman is introducing two products under the Hertekamp brand. Hertekamp genever has a slightly fuller flavour than Peterman and is aimed at people in their thirties who already have a taste for genever. Hertekamp recently launched HTK Gin in response to the current hype and to appeal to an even broader audience. The bottle designed by O-I will be used for both drinks to maintain the link with the brand. The 0.7 l bottle was given a more rugged and contemporary look by sharpening and streamlining its shoulder. The HTK gin label has green, youthful details, while the HTK genever label has retained its characteristic black and white accents. 

Smeets, for the real connoisseur of genever
Smeets is an exceptional genever. In terms of taste, it bears similarities to whisky and therefore appeals to the more mature genever drinker. This Hasselt genever is also a by the EU protected trademark. The new design has therefore kept its iconic "Smeets shape”, to express this authentic character. The bottle's design is now simpler and more streamlined with less embossing. These changes have given the bottle a contemporary look, without sacrificing its original character.

The three varieties within the Smeets range – Smeets Extra Hasselt Grain Genever, Smeets Hasselt Grain Genever and Smeets Mild Hasselt Grain Genever – have been given a uniform look that will position them even more clearly on the shelves.



About Etn. Bruggeman nv
Bruggeman is a Belgian distiller and distributor of spirits which operates in the genever market under the brand names Peterman, Hertekamp and Fryns. Bruggeman's rich history dates back to 1884. Through continuous product innovation, such as a focus on mixers for soft drinks, Bruggeman has become the undisputed leader in the Belgian genever market.

In addition to Peterman, Hertekamp and Fryns, Bruggeman also markets Label 5, Poliakov and Comptoir des Flasks. These brands are part of La Martiniquaise, the French group that acquired Bruggeman in 2009.

Each year, Bruggeman produces millions of bottle of genever, vodka, rum, pastis, whisky and aperitifs at its distillery in Ghent for the Belgium-Luxembourg market and diverse export countries. In 2013, Bruggeman achieved a turnover of EUR 27.5 million.




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